‘This year was my first year in debate. Unfortunately I was only able to go to 2 tournaments, nor did I do as well I wanted to, but my partner and I won over half of our debates. At first I didn’t really want to be in the class, but after a week I really liked it. It helped improve my public speaking and team work skills. I know that none of this would be possible without my debate coach, Mr. Dudas. He makes sure that we understand what we need to do and if we don’t he helps us to understand. He encourages us to do the best that we can and because of him I have become a more confident individual.”
- Ausencio Santos

“Debate has helped me to be able to think faster and to be able to respond faster. It has made me a better reader and has opened my eyes to see and understand different situations around the world.”
- Teresa Zepeda

“Debate has changed the way I approach things, especially school. The skills I learned from debating I’ve incorporated into my education. I am able to be more productive and successful with my school work. Thanks to Mr. Dudas I became involved with debate and became successful at it. I started debate in the novice division; I won an award at the first tournament. From there I steadily progressed and in the last event I was in the junior varsity division, thanks to Mr. Dudas I won the city championship in the junior varsity division.”
- Andres Banuelos

“Debate has really improve my speaking abilities and also taught me to be more outspoken with my ideas. I learned how to be able to actually stick with what I was saying and not change my decision. Debate has helped me be able to talk in public and not to be as shy as I was. Mr. Dudas has helped me with my experience in Debate. From the beginning to where I am at now. He is a good teacher and also a great mentor.”
- Selena L. Renteria

“Debate has made me a better speaker, writer, reader, and researcher. My debate skills have helped me with my school work. Where I’m able to use my debate skills, when I write an essay, etc. Mr. Dudas has always been ready to help us when gathering evidence and encouraged us to have fun instead of pressuring us like other coaches would do. His positive attitude helps us because; we’re more relaxed in a round and increase our chances of winning. Our debate team has improved significantly but without our awesome coach. Mr. Dudas we wouldn’t have been able to achieve what we did.”
- Emily Lechuga

“Debate has changed my life in different ways. At first, I didn’t know what I was doing. After, the first tournament I started to understand how it worked. Debate gave me an opportunity to meet other people and do something new. Mr. Dudas has been a great coach. He provided us with many things and helped us with our cases. He helped us in any way he could.”
- Cynthia G. Garcia