Stephen F. Austin Debate Team

And a winning season it is for the Austin debate team. One wonderful year.



"Debate is LIFE,the rest is just prep time."

- Austin Debate Team

Austin's debate team is made up like a family. Like all families we have our disagreements so we do what all families do, we argue  DEBATE it out.

This is the 3rd year that SFA has been with the HUDL (HOUSTON URBAN DEBATE LEAGUE) and the 2nd official year that we've had the class.

Our debate family is pretty big. We have our vets and our grasshoppers and we are still growing. The vets have been in debate for 2-3 years, and the grasshoppers have been in debate starting this year.

Austin's Great Debaters Talk About Debate! from M Dudas on Vimeo.